DMR-IZO- Hi Speed USB 2.0 SD reader

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Identive's IZO USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Reader enables dedicated access in a single cost effective solution. Leveraging a proprietary high performance digital media ASIC, the IZO delivers the highest possible performance, versatility and backwards compatibility.

DMR-IZO- Hi Speed USB 2.0 SD reader


The reader has a standalone external form factor for easy integration into existing systems with a customized design that includes access LED.

SD™ WORM technology support

Along with SCM's SD™ WORM API library, the iZo SD reader extends support to the SanDisk® SD WORM (Write Once Read Many) media. SanDisk SD WORM technology "provides unalterable long term storage for important data, from case file photography to POS electronic receipts". For more information on SD WORM visit

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