SCL3711 Contactless USB Smart Card Reader

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With its functional solid mechanical design and no removable parts to loose, SCL3711 is perfect for mobile uses.


Your contactless mobile reader & NFC-enabling accessory! The dimensions of the reader have been optimized to ensure the best Radio Frequency performance possible with such a slim form factor.

Typical Applications

The state-of-the-art multi-protocol feature set qualifies the SCL3711 to be used in a wide range of applications, e.g. payment, loyalty and ID schemes, or to enable devices with NFC connectivity.

SCL3711 can be supported by SCM's middleware that resides above the PC/SC API and offers better portability of applications and abstraction of smart card related details that need to be handled by applications developed on top of the PC/SC API.

An evaluation kit and a software development kit are available.


  • Multi-protocol 13.56MHz contactless reader:
    • ISO14443 type A & B
    • MIFARE
    • FeliCa™
  • PC/SC compliant

Technical Data

Please refer to the technical datasheet.

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