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MAXX® token (SCT3511) is a convenient USB Dongle for contact and contactless applications. It reads and writes on smart cards in ID-000 format (SIM Card format), is compliant to all currently used smart cards and relevant industry standards, and can be adapted to customer specifications.

@MAXX ® token full size


Connected to a PC, the reader can be used for logical access control, in autonomous mode it can be used e.g. for physical access or contactless electronic payments.


  • USB contact smart card reader
  • Contactless smart card token*
  • Elegant and robust form factor
  • ID-000 (SIM card) form factor
  • Compliant with major smart cards and relevant industry standards
  • Customization options: Casing color and company logo

* in combination with a Plug-in type dual interface card with antenna connection on C4/C8

Technical Data

Please refer to the technical datasheet.

Application Example

The MAXX® token (SCT3511) can operate in PC connected mode and provides contactless smart card functionality in autonomous mode.

PC connected mode

  • logical access (secure PC and network log on)
  • multiple security applications including PKI, digital signature and personal identification - all in a compact, mobile device

Autonomous mode*

  • physical access (to facilities)
  • logical access (PC & networks)
  • contactless electronic payment
  • contactless electronic ticketing
  • (public transportation, event ticketing)

* depends on used smart card chip & applications

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